The Library Advisory Committee meets on regular interval. The library issues are discussed and guidelines are given to the Librarian for smooth functioning of the Library. The Committee formed for the year 2016-2017 is given below.

1. Dr.Chitra Natrajan Chairperson Principal
2. Mrs.Pratima Singh Convenor Vice-Principal
3. Mrs.Shridhra Bharti Member Co-ordinator of
4. Mr.Tushar Agarwal Member Co-ordinator of B.M.S
5. Mrs.Anjana Verma Member Co-ordinator of B.B.I
6. Mr.Sandeep Vishwakarma Member Co-ordinator of B.Sc.(IT)
7. Mrs.Neeta Vaidya Member Co-ordinator of B.A.F
8. Mr.Umesh Kabadi Member Co-ordinator of B.F.M
9. Mrs.Sharnaya Sanoj Member Co-ordinator of B.M.M
10. Mr.Sunil Ubale Secretary Librarian, CSC Library
11. Mrs.Sherly Biju Member Assistant Librarian, CSC
12. Mr.Aldron Coelho Member Student Representative
13. Ms.Soumya Nair Member Student Representative